Best pH Meter for Hydroponics


When mixing hydroponic nutrients, you’re most likely going to need to adjust the pH of your solution. So, the question of the day is… what is the best pH meter for hydroponics? Below you’ll read about our personal experiences with the budget type of pH meters and why we opted to splurge on a better-quality[…]

Types of Hydroponic Systems


Hydroponics can be as simple as suspending a plant in a nutrient solution or a complex system with timers and pumps. Here we’ll discuss the most common types of hydroponic systems noting which ones are better suitable for outdoor use and whether they are ideal for open air setup or in a greenhouse (sheltered). Keep[…]

Raised Garden Bed Soil


Qualities of Raised Garden Bed Soil Proper Drainage One of the most important considerations for vegetable soil in a raised garden bed is going to be proper drainage. Without proper drainage you will encounter problems with root rot, tomatoes splitting, pepper plants suffering, dampening off and a whole host of potential issues. Components such as[…]

Best Outdoor Hydroponic System


Can a hydroponic system be used outdoors? If you’re wondering if hydroponics can be used outdoors the answer is… absolutely! However, there are things you will need to consider when it comes to determining the best hydroponic system for outdoors. Let us save you some time through our trials. Using various hydroponic methods, we’ve settled[…]

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