How To Organize Seed Packets

Tired of digging through an old shoe box for that seed packet you need? Take a look below and see how to organize seed packets using a very cost-effective method. For about $20 you can index dozens of seed packets and save yourself a ton of frustration.

How to organize seed packets using 3-ring binder

The first thing you’ll need is a 3-ring binder. There are many to choose from but you don’t need anything too fancy. We prefer this 1″ binder from Avery. One of our favorite things about this binder is that the locking ring mechanism is attached to the back cover. This allows the pages to lay flat when open. The Avery binders come in different thicknesses, such as this 2″ binder. However, a 1″ binder can hold dozens of packets and only costs about $6. The binder with 2″ rings costs about $10, not a big price diffence for quite a bit more storage.

Organizing seed packets in pocketed sleeve protector

Organize Seed Packets: Pocket Protectors

Next thing you’ll need are pocketed sheet protectors. The ones you see in the photo are made by Samsill. They come in a pack of 50 with four pockets on each page for about $15. That gives you the ability to organize 200 seed packets. The tops of the pockets are open so and accommodate standard sized seed packets.

Something else to consider. Will you organize alphabetically or by variety. You may consider using multiple binders, one for each type of seed (tomato, peppers, root, etc.). We store a multitude of seed types so separate binders is our preferred method. Optionally you could use page separators or page tabs in a single binder and organize the packets alphabetically.

Seeds can remain viable for many years if stored properly out of light in a cool, dry location. By using the binder and pocket sheet protectors you’ll be well organized and keep your seeds away from light.

If you’re in search of seed to fill your binder, be sure and check out our seed shop.

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