Michigan Plants and Seeds Buy/Sell/Trade

When trying to diversify my garden I prefer Michigan plants and seeds since they’re most likely to thrive in my climate. That’s what led me to search for a way to connect with other Michigan gardeners. Locals with the intention of selling, buying, or trading plants and seeds. I did a search of Facebook groups, it turned up a number of groups that buy, sell, and trade plants and seeds. The problem was that there were none specifically from Michigan, my stomping ground. I’d really like to share and connect with fellow Michiganders and help support gardening in my local community.

michigan plants and seeds buy sell trade

That said… I have perennial seeds, annual flower seeds, herb seeds, and vegetables seeds that I’d like to sell or trade. The thing is, I’m not really interested in shipping them. I’ve also started growing a lot more vegetables and perennial seedlings than are required for my garden. I’d love to be able to sell off the extra in the spring. It was the main reason I decided to start a Facebook Group of my own.

Michigan Plants and Seeds: A Fast-Growing Facebook Group

Many people from my area had an interest in seed swapping to my surprise. The group has already gained a lot of members interested in swapping plants and buying or trading seeds locally. New member requests are coming in all the time. Connecting and networking with fellow gardeners is a great way to diversify your garden beds.

Are you in or near Michigan? Do you have some plants or seeds to sell or trade? If so, be sure and check out our Facebook group named Michigan Plants and Seeds Buy/Sell/Trade.

In addition, you might enjoy my Facebook gardening page with the same name as this blog, Peace, Love, Garden. It’s another place where I can share photos and information about my garden and gardening in general.

I recently made a video showing a technique I used to improve seed germination using some easy to find materials. Why not make the most out of your efforts when getting the seedlings growing for your garden? It works great, be sure and give it a try!

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