Purple Liatris Seeds


Includes 12 seeds per pack

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Want to add some visual interest to your garden? Pick up these purple Liatris seeds and grow tall spires of bottle brush flowers. The botanical name for this plant is Liatris spicata but it is more commonly just called Liatris. Other common names are Gayfeather and Blazing Star. Once established the Liatris will grow more and more flower stalks each year and will benefit from being divided every two years. Just beneath the soil are corms, similar to a bulb, which can be separated. Foliage for the Liatris is glass like at the base. On the tall flower spikes the leaves a thin like blades of grass as well but much shorter than those at the base. These flowers are loved by many pollinators such as bees and butterflies, including Monarchs. Don’t wait, pick up these purple Liatris seeds and add this unique flower to your landscape. Flowers second year when grown from seed. Check out our article on how to grow Liatris from seed. You can find other flower seeds in our shop as well!

Additional information

Botanical Name

Liatris spicata

Plant Type



Full Sun



Flower Color


Mature Height




Planting Depth




Hardiness Zone

3 to 9


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