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Wild Blue Flax Seeds

Includes 12 seeds per pack


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If you want to add a true-blue perennial flower to your garden then pick up these Wild Blue Flax seeds! Many flowers that are described as blue are actually light purple but the Wild Blue flax is a true blue! You may have heard these referred to by other common names such as Lewis or Prairie Flax. The botanical name for this plant is Linum lewisii. This wild flax is perennial native to meadows in the US. From a base of about 12″ the plant produces satiny sky-blue flowers on the ends of 24″ stalks. Once mature the plant takes on an umbrella shape with the ends of the flower covered stalks hanging over. Each tall stalk will have multiple flower buds waiting to open. You’ll notice that the sky-blue flowers drop each evening and by morning the plant will be covered in fresh blooms. You’ll love the way the delicate arching branches of this wildflower sway in the breeze.

When sowing these seeds, they should be barely covered but kept moist until germination occurs. As such we recommend starting them in containers or seed trays and then transplanted into your garden. The Wild Blue Flax seeds are easy to grow but can take several weeks to germinate and may benefit from a cold stratification period. Once established these plants will thrive even in poor soil. You’ll even be blessed with volunteer plants that grow from naturally dropped seeds. Cold hardy and drought tolerant. This wildflower is great for rock gardens and xeriscaping. Deer and rabbit resistant. The flowers also attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and pollinators.

Seeds should NOT be eaten raw because they contain cyanide (poisonous). You can read more about the wild blue flax here. Check out the rest of our flower seeds.

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Botanical Name

Linum lewisii

Plant Type



Full Sun


Late Spring to Mid Summer

Flower Color


Mature Height




Planting Depth




Hardiness Zone

3 to 9


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