Calabrian Calabrese Pepper Seeds: Unlock Authentic Italian Flavor

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Calabrian Calabrese Pepper Seeds – grow your own mild peppers with these easy-to-grow seeds from the Calabria region of Italy. Each packet contains at least 20 seeds.

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Experience the flavorful world of authentic Italian cuisine with our Calabrian Calabrese Pepper Seeds. These seeds produce an incredibly popular and versatile pepper variety, perfect for adding a little spicy kick to any dish. With their distinctively smoky flavor and lingering heat, these peppers will soon become a staple ingredient in your home garden and kitchen.


The Calabrian Calabrese Pepper boasts a Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) rating of about 5,000. This puts them on the same level of heat as jalapeños, much milder than habaneros. This mild level of heat allows them to add excitement to recipes without overwhelming the other flavors.

Mature Height

When fully grown, the Calabrian Calabrese Pepper plant reaches an impressive height of 24 to 36 inches. Its attractive foliage and abundant, bright red peppers create a stunning display in any garden or container.

Days to Maturity

Patience pays off when cultivating Calabrian Calabrese Peppers. These seeds typically require 75 to 85 days to mature from the time of planting. This extended growing period allows the peppers to develop their signature flavor and heat, making them well worth the wait.

Fruit Size

The Calabrian Calabrese Pepper produces a rounded medium-sized fruit, typically measuring 1.5 to 2 inches diameter. These peppers are mighty in flavor and heat, offering an ideal balance for culinary use. Calabrian peppers are thick walled and perfect size for stuffing appetizers.

Fruit Color

As the Calabrian Calabrese Peppers mature, they transition from green to a vibrant red hue. This striking color transformation is not only visually appealing but also serves as an indicator of the peppers’ peak flavor and heat. Harvesting the peppers at their prime red stage will ensure that you experience their full, delicious potential.


Calabrian Calabrese Pepper Seeds are an essential addition to any home garden or container setup. With their mild heat level and rich, smoky flavor, these peppers provide a versatile and exciting ingredient for a variety of culinary creations. Requiring 75 to 85 days to reach maturity, these medium-sized peppers transition from green to a stunning red hue as they develop their signature taste. Elevate your garden and your kitchen with the incredible flavor and heat of the Calabrian Calabrese Pepper.

If you’re new to growing peppers from seed we recommend you take a look at our guide on starting pepper plants indoors.

Additional information

Scientific Name

Capsicum annuum


Up to 5,000

Planting Depth


Mature Height


Days To Maturity


Fruit Color


Fruit Size


1 review for Calabrian Calabrese Pepper Seeds: Unlock Authentic Italian Flavor

  1. Rene

    not too hot and very tasty. good producer

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