Medusa Pepper Seeds


Minimum 15 seeds per pack


If you’re in search of an interesting edible ornamental, pick up these Medusa pepper seeds.  These plants derive their name from the Medusa of Greek mythology that had snakes for hair. The plants grow compact reaching a max height of about 12″, more commonly around 8″ tall and wide. The twisted cone shape peppers grow upright similar to that of a Thai Dragon but without the heat. The sweet fruit of this plant will start out an ivory color and quickly turn yellow, then orange and finally red at maturity. The flavor is similar to that of a sweet red bell pepper. Use them in your favorite recipe or fresh on a salad. These plants are excellent for growing in containers. Plants could easily be grown indoors in a sunny south facing window but would benefit from full sunlight. The wonderful colors of the Medusa pepper plants would also look nice mixed in a flower bed or along the garden border.

We also carry seeds for other edible ornamental peppers. Bird’s Eye chilis are a compact plant but pack a bit of heat. You may also want to check out our Tabasco pepper seeds which can grow up to 48″ in height and have a bit more heat but look lovely growing in the garden once covered with all the tiny colorful chilis.

Sample size packs can be found here.

Starting Pepper Plants From Seed

Pepper plants can sometimes be a little finicky to start from seed. While we had excellent germination rates with these Medusa pepper seeds there are things you can do to help ensure success. Make sure to always use high quality sterile seed starting mix. Do not over moisten. Ideally pepper seeds should be germinated at a minimum temperature of 75F. Make sure the soil doesn’t dry out before the seedlings sprout. A humidity dome can help prevent the soil from drying out. In order to help you succeed we’ve created a guide. Be sure and check out our blog post about starting pepper plants indoors.

Additional information

Scientific Name

Capsicum annuum

Planting Depth


Mature Height

Up to 12"

Days To Maturity


Fruit Color

Orange, Red

Fruit Size



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