Prik Chi Faa Pepper Seeds


Minimum 15 seeds per pack

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The name of these chilis translates from Thai as “sky pepper”. Grow these Prik Chi Faa pepper seeds and you’ll soon be harvesting plump hot Thai peppers which reach about 4-6″ long. These peppers are believed to be used in the original recipe of Sriracha which was much different than what we see in modern day America. Can be used when still green and underripe for a milder heat in recipes such as green curry paste or dipping sauces. Once fully ripe Prik Chi Faa turn bright red. Commonly used fresh in stir fries, these large Thai chilis can be dried out to make chili powder. Ripens early and highly productive even in northern climates. Plants grow bushy and typically reach no taller than 24″ tall. The branches will be drooping with the weight of the fruit.

The Prik Chi Faa has a slightly sweet and bitter taste. The longer you wait to harvest the chilis the more heat they’ll pack with a Scoville rating ranging from 5,000 – 30,000 SHU, less than a common Cayenne pepper. Common uses of this pepper include stir fry dishes, Pad Thai, curry pastes, peanut sauces, soups and many other culinary uses. We’re certain this will become one of your go-to peppers in the kitchen.

Don’t wait, pick up these Prik Chi Faa pepper seeds and bring a touch of Thailand to your recipes. Sample size packs can be found here.

Sowing these Prik Chi Faa pepper seeds is no different than any other chili. For short growing seasons be sure and start pepper seeds indoors at least 8-12 weeks before the last frost in your area. Always use high quality, sterile, seed starting mix. Once the seedlings sprout be sure and provide a high-quality source of light to prevent the sprouts from getting leggy. For information on growing peppers from seed be sure and check out our article about starting pepper plants indoors.

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Scientific Name

Capsicum annuum


Up to 30,000

Planting Depth


Mature Height


Days To Maturity


Fruit Color

Green, Red

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