Chocolate Cherry Tomato Seeds


Minimum 25 seeds per pack


70 days to maturity. Indeterminate. Open pollinated. Not container friendly. Even the name of these cherry tomatoes makes me hungry. Plants grown from these Chocolate Cherry tomato seeds produce reddish brown fruit in clusters on a bushy indeterminate vine. This variety of cherry tomato originated the mountainous area of the Andes’. Usually, one of the first to mature tomato varieties in the garden. Plants are good producers with fruit that grows in trusses of about 6-8 crack resistant cherry tomatoes, each about one inch diameter. Meaty fruit with a tangy tomato-y flavor, not highly acidic. Fruit can be picked a few days before full mature and allowed to ripen indoors without sacrificing quality. Their exceptional flavor makes them perfect for salads, slicing or canning. If you’re looking for an easy to grow, unique, cherry tomato plant look no further.

Starting Chocolate Cherry Tomato Seeds Indoors

We recommend starting the seeds indoors about 6-8 weeks before your last frost in areas with a short growing season. Use a damp but not soggy seed starting mix, you should only be able to squeeze a drop of water from the soil. Plant 1-2 seeds about 1/4″ deep in each cell. Seeds usually sprout in 7-14 days. Once seedlings are about 2″ tall and have their first true leaves you can cull the weaker seedling or carefully separate and plant each in their own container. You should provide the seedlings plenty of light immediately after sprouting to avoid plants from getting leggy. Since these plants grow quite large, they are best planted in ground or raised beds about 18″ apart. The plants will require staking as they can reach over 6 foot tall. Container gardening should be left to experienced growers with this variety. Here is a good video about how to start tomato seeds indoors.

We also offer other varieties of indeterminate tomato seeds in our seed shop.

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Lycopersicon Lycopersicum 'Chocolate Cherry'

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