Large Red Cherry Tomato Seeds


Minimum 50 seeds per pack


80 days to maturity. Indeterminate. Non-GMO. Open Pollinated. The Large Red Cherry tomato seeds will grow plants that produce clusters of sweet cherry-style fruits with each at least 1″ in diameter. Usually grows in groups of five or six on sturdy vines with a nice green foliage. Vine-ripened cherry tomatoes are excellent for snacking or salads. This heirloom cherry tomato has a great flavor and sweet, firm fruit. These cherry tomatoes have a fairly quick time to maturity making them ideal for those with a short growing season. The indeterminate vines continue to grow over the entire season easily reaching 6-8′ tall so you’ll definitely need a tall cage or stakes. Although the Large Red Cherry tomato plants can be grown in containers they would likely do best planted in ground or raised garden beds. Experienced gardens may have success growing in large containers.

Starting Large Red Cherry Tomato Seeds

If you live in a climate with long winters then you’ll be best to start your tomato seeds indoors at least 6-8 weeks before your last frost date. Always use high quality seed starting soil for germination, do not use garden soil. A good seed starting mix will offer the proper moisture retention while providing proper drainage. Tomato seeds should be planted at a depth of 1/4″ and kept moist until the seedlings emerge. Humidity domes, which help retain moisture, are readily available for standard 10″ x 20″ seed starting trays. Starting seeds indoors will require supplemental lighting such as LED or fluorescents, do not rely on light coming in a window. Even a south facing window will result in seedlings that stretch, lean, and become very leggy. Before transplanting seedlings into their final garden destination, care should be taken to harden them off (acclimate to sunlight) to prevent burning the foliage.

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Solanum lycoperscium

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