Thai Dragon Pepper Flakes


The perfect way to kick up the heat in your classic Asian recipes.


Thai Dragon pepper flakes made from peppers grown in our garden. We dehydrate all our peppers at low temperatures to preserve flavor and color. This hand ground mixture does contain some seeds which contribute to the level of heat. Loved by many, the Thai Dragon pepper is the chili used in many traditional Asian recipes. Containing a high level of heat means you won’t need to add much to your favorite dish. One of our favorite uses for these pepper flakes is in our homemade Ramen, it just takes a pinch or two of these Thai Dragon pepper flakes per bowl to bring up the heat. Each package contains a packet of food safe desiccant keep the powder dry.

If you’re interested in growing these chilis, we sell the Thai Dragon pepper seeds in our shop.

Click here for instructions on how to make hot sauce with pepper powder.

Safety Information
May burn skin and eyes or damage lungs if inhaled. Use it with caution! Wash your hands after handling and “DO NOT RUB YOUR EYES” with your hands or fingers.

Additional information


Up to 100,000


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