Ghost Pepper Powder


Formerly named world’s hottest pepper. Extremely hot!

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This Ghost pepper powder comes from chilis grown in our garden. We take care to remove seeds before dehydrating so you get a high-quality powder with no additives. You may know the Ghost pepper by its proper name, the Bhut Jolokia which originated in India. The Ghost pepper is the former world record holder for the hottest pepper with a Scoville rating of over 1 million SHU, 300 times hotter than a Jalapeno! Earthy, somewhat smoky flavor and high level of heat. There are many uses for pepper powder. It can be used directly in recipes, dry rub for hot wings, bring up the heat level in hot sauce, chili oil, and our favorite use is adding it to salsa. Just a little of this powder goes a long way, use sparingly

We also sell Ghost pepper (Bhut Jolokia) seeds in our shop if you’d like to grow your own fresh pods.

Click here for instructions on how to make hot sauce with pepper powder.

Safety Information
Do not use this Ghost pepper powder if you have a respiratory or heart condition. May burn skin and eyes or damage lungs if inhaled. Use with caution! Wash your hands after handling and “DO NOT RUB YOUR EYES” with your hands or fingers.

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Up to 1,000,000


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