Gong Bao Pepper Powder


Gong Bao has an excellent Thai pepper flavor with a milder heat.


We grow Gong Bao peppers in our garden, dehydrate them, and grind them into fresh powder. Seeds are removed before grinding to provide you with a high-quality pepper powder. Gong Bao Thai pepper powder will appeal to those that love the Thai pepper flavor but not the high heat level. The Gong Bao averages about 6,000 SHU and tops out 10,000 SHU. This powder will provide excellent flavor to your recipes while giving a tolerable amount of heat for the average person. Each package contains a packet of food safe desiccant to keep the powder dry.

If you’re interested in growing this highly productive chili you can purchase the Gong Bao pepper seeds in our shop.

Click here for instructions on how to make hot sauce with pepper powder.

Safety Information
May burn skin and eyes or damage lungs if inhaled. Use with caution! Wash your hands after handling and “DO NOT RUB YOUR EYES” with your hands or fingers.

Additional information


Up to 10,000


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