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Cardinal Flower Seedlings Sprouted

cardinal flower seedlings

Cardinal Flowers Sown from Seed This is an update to my original post and video about how to grow Cardinal Flowers from seed. The Cardinal Flower seedlings sprouted. However, germination rates were better than I ever would have expected. Apparently Cardinal flowers are fairly easy to germinate from seed. Cardinal Flower Seedlings Germinated I looked[…]

Grow Foxglove from Seed

grow pink digitalis foxglove from seed

From Tiny Seed to Beautiful Towers of Flowers The foxglove seeds are very tiny however with little effort you can easily grow foxglove from seed. This can be accomplished through a couple different methods. The first method would be to let the foxglove already growing in your garden drop its own seeds. You’ll have to[…]

Caring For Foxglove in the Garden

caring for foxglove digitalis in the garden

Foxglove (Digitalis) In the Garden Caring for Foxglove in the garden is a rewarding experience. Foxglove (Digitalis) is one of my favorite garden flowers. I love the tall spires of flowers, especially grown in large groups. The trumpet shaped flowers of the foxglove are hummingbird magnets.  This biennial is known to reseed itself and return[…]

Grow Four O’Clocks From Seed

grow four o'clocks from seed

What Are Four O’Clocks Four O’Clocks grow as a shrub like plant with medium green foliage and bright trumpet shaped flowers. You can grow Four O’Clocks from seed or tubers. The flowers are very attractive to Hummingbirds and many other pollinators. Four O’Clock blooms open in afternoon, giving it the name 4 o’clocks. The flowers[…]

Grow Cardinal Flowers from Seeds

Cardinal Flowers are said to be difficult to grow from seed and I was feeling up to the challenge so I collected a few stalks of spent blooms from my garden. One of the hardest parts of growing the Cardinal Flower from seed is just collecting the seed. This perennial flower has very tiny seeds,[…]

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