Marketplace Vendor FAQ

The Basics

How do I become a vendor?

If you’re interested in selling products on the Peace Love Garden Marketplace, please fill out the vendor application. All applications require approval by the admin. Once approved, you will receive an email containing links to your vendor Store Manager so you can list products for sale and set up your store page.

When filling out the vendor application, you will be required to verify your email address. All sales notifications will be sent to your email address, so be sure and provide an email address that you use regularly. The more thoroughly you fill out the vendor application, the faster the admin will be able to approve your application.

The focus of this website and marketplace is gardening. As such, you can only list products related to gardening. Examples include… seeds, homemade spices (pepper powders, dried herbs, etc.), yard art, live plants, grow equipment and supplies, planters, fresh produce, and any merchandise that includes gardening art such as stickers, apparel (hats, shirts).

View our policy to see a list of prohibited content. NOTE: Posting prohibited content or altering existing posts to contain prohibited content may result in your store and products being disabled.

No. The products sold here must be owned by you, in your possession and shipped to the buyer by you. As part of the seller agreement, you are not allowed to drop ship items.

There is no startup cost or membership fee to become a seller and listing your products will not cost you anything until you make a sale. We will provide you with an interface to manage your sales, a store page to display your products, a direct URL to your store, and payment processing. In exchange, we (Peace Love Garden LLC) will receive a commission from your sales.

Commision rates are as follow:

Sales up to $6 will pay a minimum fee of $0.60

Sales over $6 will pay a commission of 10%


Funds can be withdrawn using Stripe. You can set up an account for free if you don’t already have one. Through Stripe, your money will be deposited into the bank account of your choosing.

The refund request period for customers is 14 days, as such, your funds can be withdrawn 15 days after the sale is completed. In case you’re wondering, vendors/sellers can define their own refund policies. However, Peace Love Garden LLC is ultimately responsible for chargebacks, hence the waiting period. Once you become a trusted vendor this waiting period can be reduced or eliminated. See “What is a Trusted Vendor?” tab later on this page.

The default setting for all vendors is that the customer can submit a refund request for up to 14 days. Once you are upgraded to Trusted Vendor status that time frame can be reduced or eliminated. Additionally, you can state your own refund/return (or no returns) policies in your store settings. Refunds cannot be issued to the customer once the funds are released to you; this is why payments are not released to vendors for 15 days. 

Vendor Tools

Once your vendor account is approved, we will provide you with a link to your Store Manager interface. There you can create product listings for your store, create coupon codes, manage your orders, view reports of your sales, and more.

Your products will be listed on the main page with the products of all vendors. However, you will also have your own store page with only your products and your own URL link directly to your store.

New accounts start with a limit of 25 products and limited storage space. The listings you create will also be sent to the admin for approval to ensure no prohibited items are being posted. Once you have achieved the Trusted Vendor status these limitations will be removed. See “What is a Trusted Vendor” below.

NOTE: Posting prohibited content or altering existing posts to contain prohibited content may result in your store and products being disabled.

Yes, you can create coupon codes for discounts on your products. Keep in mind that the discount amount will be deducted from your commission but will not affect the commission paid to us.


There are several different ways to offer free shipping. The easiest way will be to create a coupon code that gives free shipping. You may optionally create a shipping method that gives free shipping if the customer spends over a certain dollar amount or for specific product categories.


In your Store Manager settings there is an option to set up ShipStation. However, you are free to use whatever method you choose to ship your products. From the Store Manager you can print packing slips, mark orders shipped, and add tracking numbers which will automatically be sent to the customer.

Thing you can customize:

  • Top banner
  • Logo
  • Contact information
  • Policy info (refund, return, shipping)
  • About page info

Things you cannot customize:

  • Color scheme
  • Sidebar

Yes. There are 2 ways to log in to your Store Manager.

Method 1

Download the Store Manager app here. To connect, use as the URL. The username and password are the same used when you created the Vendor account. 

Method 2

Access your Store Manager in the browser of a mobile device such as a phone or tablet. Go to and login. You should automatically be taken to your Store Manager interface, if not go to

When your account is first created, there will be limitations on how many products you can post, the amount of storage space for media files and photos, and a 15 day wait period before funds can be withdrawn.

There are two levels of Trusted Vendor status:

  1. Once you’ve had a minimum of 25 products approved by the admin with no denials for attempting to post prohibited items, your limitations will be increased. Your storage space will be increased and you’ll be allowed to post up to 100 products, and you’ll no longer need to have your product listings approved by admin before they are public.
  2. The 15 day waiting period for withdrawing funds will be reduced to 7 days once a vendor/seller has sold 100 items with no refund requests.