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Explore our collection of homegrown seeds and start your journey towards a flourishing garden today.

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We offer a great selection of vegetable and flower seeds, all grown and collected right from our garden. 

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All seed only orders are shipped at no cost to your door. Orders ship within 1-2 days in padded envelope.

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All our seeds are tested for germination and stored properly in a cool, dark, dry area to ensure quality.

We Love What We Do

Gardening is our passion. We love growing vegetables, perennials, and more. With the close of each season, we collect seeds to sow the gardens of the coming year. Now, we are delighted to extend the availability of these high-quality seeds to you.


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Dive into gardening with our insightful articles. We share valuable tips, our gardening journey, and the joy of growing. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a newbie, our articles are here to inspire and nurture your green thumb. Explore and let the seeds of knowledge guide your gardening adventure.

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