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Easiest Vegetables To Grow For Beginners


We often get asked… What are the easiest vegetables to grow for beginners? Whether you’re a beginner gardener starting a small container garden on the patio or planting in the ground, you’re sure to find use in the following list. Some of these vegetables are best grown from seed, others can be purchased as seedlings[…]

Best Outdoor Hydroponic System


Can a hydroponic system be used outdoors? If you’re wondering if hydroponics can be used outdoors the answer is… absolutely! However, there are things you will need to consider when it comes to determining the best hydroponic system for outdoors. Let us save you some time through our trials. Using various hydroponic methods, we’ve settled[…]

Growing Peppers in 5-gallon Buckets


As the title suggest, growing peppers in 5-gallon buckets is absolutely possible. You might even get away with a smaller bucket, like a 3 gallon, for smaller varieties of pepper. The main issue with smaller containers is the need to be watered more frequently. You’ll also be hard pressed to find a standard bucket much larger than a 6 gallon.