Best Indoor Grow Tents of 2023

Take control of your growing environment and provide your plants with the ideal haven to thrive. Using the best indoor grow tents can take your gardening to the next level.

Our Favorite
best indoor grow tents

VIVOSUN 2×4 Grow Tent

The highly reflective lining of this grow tent really bounces the light around, it really helped utilize our LED fixtures. We also love that we can unzip the tent to not only reveal the entire front of the tent but also one side. This made it easy to get to the back side of our plants. There’s also plenty of sealable ports for cords and vents. Perfect size for a closet.

Experience LevelBeginner


  • 600D canvas construction
  • Removeable floor tray
  • Accommodates up to 6″ exhaust fan
  • Ceiling frame supports up to 100lbs


  • Plant height limited

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Pepper seedlings in grow tent

Why Use The Best Indoor Grow Tents?

Think of a grow tent as an indoor greenhouse that’s powered by artificial light rather than the sun. The enclosed environment allows you to control and optimize all aspects of your growing conditions.

The Best Indoor Grow Tents Optimize Lighting

Use a grow tent and you’ll never have to wonder if a fence or tree will shade your plant. There is “sun” all day, every day in the grow tent, and you control the hours of light with a timer.

Conserve Energy

Another great feature of grow tents is the highly reflective lining. It bounces back the light that would normally spill off the side of your plants. You’re paying for electricity to power you grow lights, make the most of those photons.

Humidity Control

Because grow tents can be zipped shut, you can control humidity levels significantly. While most grow tents are not airtight, they seal fairly tightly. This captures the water evaporating from your plants and increases the humidity in the tent.

Grow Year-Round

Since the grow tent will be indoors in a temperature-controlled environment, you’ll be able to enjoy some gardening even in the winter. You could even move your favorite plants to your indoor grow tent before they succumb to a killing frost.

Reduce Pests

Pests such as grasshoppers, caterpillars, aphids and others can be a real nuisance when growing outdoors. When using an indoor grow tent, you don’t have to worry about them infesting your plants. However, you should always sterilize equipment that has been stored outdoors and start with fresh sterile soil. This eliminates the possibility of introducing pests into the garden.

Summary: Best Indoor Grow Tents

Best OverallVIVOSUN 2×4 Grow Tent

Top QualityAC Infinity CLOUDLAB 844

Budget FriendlyCoolGrows Grow Tent

Adjustable HeightGorilla Grow Adjustable Tent

Large ScaleVIVOSUN S848 4×8 Grow Tent

Young pepper plants in indoor grow tent

Things To Consider when Choosing the Best Indoor Grow Tents


Grow tents come in a variety of sizes. The most common size tent has a 48″ x 24″ footprint. This can accommodate a lot of seed starting trays, plenty of leafy greens, or 3-4 full sized plants such as peppers or tomatoes. One of the big draws of this size tent is that it can be used in a closet.

The grow tents go up in size as well. Other common sizes are 48″x48″ and 96″x48″ grow tents. There really isn’t much limit to the size you can find if you have the space, you can even get a 10’x10′ grow tent if you’re a serious grower.


The best indoor grow tents will have large zippered openings. We prefer the type with doors that wrap the corner of the tent. This allows you to view or access the back side of plants versus only opening in the front of the tent.


When it comes to construction, the best indoors grow tents will use a thick canvas material. The way the canvas is stitched together will also contribute to the longevity of the tent.

Reflectivity of the best indoor grow tents

All grow tents on the market have a reflective Mylar lining. Reflecting light onto your plants is important and will help you get the most out of your grow lights for seed starting or when growing plants to full size. The best indoor grow tents have a rippled Mylar lining, sort of an orange peel texture, that diffuses light and prevents plants from burning.


An important feature of grow tents is the way they ventilate. There should be upper ports that can be opened to dissipate the heat from the grow lights above you. The best indoor grow tents also have mesh openings covered by a Velcro flap near the floor. High and low vents can allow passive intake of cool air through convection of warm air rising through the top vents.

Waterproof Base

It’s important that the tent incorporates some sort of waterproof base insert. The corner stitching of the main canvas structure itself will not retain spilled water. A waterproof base that is removable also allows you to clean it between grows.

How We Evaluate the Best Indoor Grow Tents

The size of the grow tent will depend on the available space of the gardener. We evaluate tents by their accessibility, durability and features such as the reflective lining and port openings. We also consider cost and any accessories included. You’ll notice that we listed the grow tents as best-in-class, everything from best value to best quality. This way we can ensure that everyone can find the best indoor grow tent to suit their needs.

AC Infinity CLOUDLAB 844

Top Quality
best indoor grow tents high quality

The thick 2000D canvas of this grow tent does an excellent job of keeping light from getting in and out. We also love the sturdy construction. For the more advanced growers, this tent features an aluminum plate for mounting controls.

Experience LevelIntermediate


  • 2000D canvas material
  • Ceiling supports up to 150 lbs.
  • Includes aluminum plate to mount controls
  • Sturdy steel frame


  • Small amount of light leak around window

CoolGrows Grow Tent

Budget Friendly
best budget friendly indoor grow tents

We’ve had one of these tents for years. It was the first grow tent we purchased and feel it has earned its place here on our list of the best indoor grow tents. The size is excellent for starting seeds or growing a few full-sized plants.

Experience LevelBeginner


  • Easy to assemble
  • Double cinch openings
  • Removeable floor tray
  • Fits well in closet


  • Canvas material not as thick as others

Gorilla Grow Adjustable Tent

Adjustable Height
best indoor grow tents adjustable height

Gorilla Grow is the leader in the grow tent market when it comes to quality and features, however they come with a price. The height of this tent can be adjusted to accommodate plant size. We also love the rear door for accessing plants from the back.

Experience LevelAdvanced


  • Adjustable to 95″ height
  • Rear access door
  • Heavy duty spill tray
  • Poles support up to 300 lbs.


  • Expensive

VIVOSUN S848 4×8 Grow Tent

Large Scale
best indoor grow tents for large scale growing

Most growers soon realize that they love using a grow tent and run out of room. With this large tent we had plenty of room to grow ten plants without crowding. Although not the thickest canvas, you can’t beat the cost for a tent of this size and quality.

Experience LevelIntermediate


  • Large growing space
  • Multiple door openings
  • 600D canvas material
  • Litchi reflective mylar lining


  • Small amount of light leak around zippers

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of similarities on the inside of grow tents. They all have enough opening for cords or ventilation and support lights and other hardware well. When it comes to choosing the best indoor grow tent to suit your needs the biggest factors will likely be size and cost. Overall, we think the VIVOSUN grow tents offer the best bang for the buck. For those on a budget without the need for a huge growing area, the CoolGrows is the most budget friendly. If you’re growing plants that are photosensitive and concerned about light leaks, consider the Gorilla Grow tents.

No matter what you intend on growing indoors you’ll benefit from using a grow tent. There are many advantages whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just getting started. Popular uses for a grow tent are hydroponics and seed starting. However, the size of plants you can grow is only limited by the height of your grow tent and the strength of your grow lights.

Best Indoor Grow Tents: FAQ

Are indoor grow tents worth the money?

Although you’ll need to invest a little money in the grow tent, there are definitely some benefits. Reflectivity utilizes the light effectively and the enclosed environment reduces the amount of water needed and provides a more ideal humidity for plants. You’ll save time, money, and reduce frustration. On top of that, your plants will grow better.

What size grow tent for beginners?

We recommend a 48″x24″ grow tent for beginners. It can be well lit by a modest-sized light and accommodate a good number of seedlings or a couple of full-sized plants.

Do indoor grow tents need ventilation?

Fresh air entering your tent will benefit your plants. All grow tents should at least use passive ventilation and a circulator fan. If your lights generate a lot of heat, you should consider using an exhaust fan. There are many electrically powered exhaust fans made for grow tents that mechanically pull fresh air through the tent while exhausting heat.

Should I run my exhaust fan in my grow tent all the time?

You really only need to run the exhaust fans while the lights are turned on. During the dark periods there will be no heat generated from the lights and the plants will only benefit from the air exchange during the light period.

What temperature should a grow tent be?

The ideal temperature for a grow tent is between 75-85F. However, this will ultimately depend on the types of plants you’ll be growing. Raise or lower the temperature based on your plants’ needs.

Do plants grow faster in a grow tent?

Yes. There is no wasted light in a grow tent. The reflective lining bounces light that would be lost back to your plants. Grow tents also keep humidity levels up and provide a greenhouse type environment for plants. Your plants will be happier and healthier in a grow tent versus an open area with a grow light over the top of them.

How much light do I need for a 2’x4′ grow tent?

Generally speaking, you should provide at least 30 watts of lighting per square foot. Of course, some lights, such as LED’s, are more energy efficient. We recommend the Viparspectra P2000 or XS2000 for a 2’x4′ grow tent.


I hope this review has been helpful in finding the best indoor grow tents to fit your needs. If you are looking for seeds to fill your garden, visit our seed store.

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