Garden Peach Tomato Seeds: A Symphony of Sight and Taste

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Discover the enchanting world of tomatoes with Garden Peach Tomato Seeds, bringing forth fruits that mesmerize in texture, hue, and flavor. Each packet contains at least 25 seeds.


Garden Peach Tomato Seeds

Garden Peach Tomato Seeds open a gateway to an alluring world of tomatoes, a realm where the textures and colors of fruits evoke the sensibilities of a sun-kissed peach. When these seeds take root, they introduce gardens to a tomato variety that charms both the eye and the palate with its unparalleled uniqueness.

The Garden Peach Tomato is a prized possession among gardening enthusiasts. Known for its distinct, slightly fuzzy skin reminiscent of a peach, this tomato variety sets the bar high when it comes to uniqueness. But beyond its visual appeal, lies a flavor profile that is subtly sweet, with just a hint of tanginess, making it a favorite in salads and fresh salsas.

For the gardener seeking something out of the ordinary, something that prompts conversation and admiration, Garden Peach Tomatoes deliver just that. The plants, once they flourish, stand as markers of a gardener’s penchant for the exquisite and the extraordinary.

Mature Height

The Garden Peach Tomato plants, when nurtured and cared for, achieve a stately height of 4 to 5 feet. As they grow, they become a testament to the gardener’s skill and care.

Day to Maturity

The anticipation that builds from sowing to harvesting is a sweet one. With Garden Peach Tomato Seeds, this period of wait and wonder extends over 70 to 75 days, culminating in a harvest that’s nothing short of magical.

Fruit Size

Delicately sized and perfect for snacking, the Garden Peach Tomatoes typically weigh around 2 to 3 ounces. Their size makes them versatile, fitting into diverse culinary explorations.

Fruit Color

At first glance, the Garden Peach Tomato captivates with its pale yellow hue, but as one observes closely, a gentle blush of pink can be discerned, completing its peach-like appearance.


Garden Peach Tomato Seeds are the gardener’s answer to a quest for the unique. Yielding fruits that are a visual and gustatory delight, they redefine the tomato experience.


Solanum lycoperscium








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