Alma Paprika Pepper Seeds: Culinary Potential in Your Backyard

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Grow your own sweet and mild paprika peppers with Alma Paprika Pepper Seeds. Perfect for drying and grinding into paprika, these seeds produce a bountiful harvest. Each packet contains at least 15 seeds.


Alma Paprika Pepper Seeds

Alma Paprika Pepper Seeds are a perfect addition to your garden if you love growing your own produce. These seeds produce plants with rich, thick-walled fruits that boast a mild yet deeply satisfying taste, perfect for a variety of culinary creations. Versatile and easy to grow, these seeds are a must-have for both experienced and beginner gardeners looking to add a touch of flavor and color to their garden.


The Scoville Heat Units (SHU) of Alma Paprika Peppers is up to 1,000, making them a mild pepper variety. This ensures a gentle warmth in your dishes without overpowering the other flavors. Their subtle heat is what makes Alma Paprika Peppers an excellent choice for a wide range of recipes, from traditional Hungarian dishes to contemporary culinary fusions.

Mature Height

The mature height of an Alma Paprika Pepper plant ranges from 18 to 24 inches. With their compact size and robust growth, they are an ideal addition to any garden space, whether you have a sprawling vegetable plot or a cozy container garden. These plants are also well-suited for growing in raised beds, allowing you to make the most of your available space and create a stunning display of lush foliage and vibrant peppers.

Day to Maturity

Alma Paprika Pepper Seeds take approximately 70 to 80 days to reach full maturity. By planting them in early spring, you can expect to harvest your peppers in late summer or early fall. This gives you plenty of time to enjoy these delightful peppers in your favorite dishes or as a unique and flavorful addition to your preserved goods.

Fruit Size

The fruit size of Alma Paprika Peppers is typically 2 to 3 inches in diameter. Their medium-sized, round fruits are perfect for stuffing, slicing, or dicing into your favorite recipes. The thick walls of these peppers make them an excellent choice for drying and grinding into a flavorful paprika powder or using fresh to add a burst of color and taste to your meals.

Fruit Color

The Alma Paprika Pepper’s fruit color changes as it matures, providing a visually stunning progression of hues in your garden. Starting with a creamy white shade, the peppers gradually transform into a brilliant orange before reaching their final, deep red color. This remarkable color transition not only adds an eye-catching element to your garden, but it also allows you to harvest the peppers at different stages of maturity to experience their varying flavors and heat levels.


Alma Paprika Pepper Seeds are an exceptional choice for gardeners seeking a versatile, easy-to-grow pepper variety that offers a captivating visual display and a delightful range of flavors. With a mild heat level, compact growth, and stunning color transformation, these peppers are perfect for a variety of culinary uses and garden spaces. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, adding Alma Paprika Peppers to your garden will undoubtedly enhance both your gardening experience and your culinary creations.


Capsicum annuum


Up to 1,000












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