Kentucky Wonder Bean Seeds: Flavorful and Hearty Pods

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Plant Kentucky Wonder Bean Seeds for robust climbers producing flavorful, long green pods ideal for fresh or cooked culinary uses. Each packet includes 20 seeds.

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Kentucky Wonder Bean Seeds

Kentucky Wonder Bean Seeds produce a time-honored variety known for its vigorous growth and excellent flavor. These seeds give rise to robust plants that offer long, slender pods, and an abundance of green beans with a rich, hearty flavor. A garden classic, the Kentucky Wonder is a staple for those who appreciate heirloom vegetables and wish to introduce a touch of tradition to their tables. With their twining vines, Kentucky Wonder beans are not only productive but also bring a visual appeal to gardens as they wind their way up trellises and poles.

Plant Kentucky Wonder Bean Seeds directly into warm, well-draining soil after the last frost. Space the seeds 2 inches apart in rows, covering them with 1 inch of soil. Water consistently until germination.

Mature Height
As a climbing variety, Kentucky Wonder Bean plants can reach heights of 5 to 7 feet. They require a trellis or support system to thrive. Since these plants do not rely on tendrils, the diameter of the trellis uprights is not a concern. The bean stalk will spiral around their supports.

Day to Maturity
Expect to harvest your Kentucky Wonder beans around 65 to 70 days after sowing, once the pods are firm and have reached a considerable length.

Pod Size
The beans themselves are impressively long, often growing to 7 to 9 inches, filled with tender seeds that burst with flavor. Best harvested when the pods are still somewhat flat, before the beans within the pods begin to swell.

Pod Color
The pods of the Kentucky Wonder Bean mature to a striking light green, signaling their readiness for picking.

Kentucky Wonder Bean Seeds yield vigorous climbing plants with flavorful long green pods, ready to harvest in the mid-summer season. Expect a good harvest every day once the plants reach maturity. You can expect to get a handful of pods from each plant every day.


Phaseolus vulgaris


Pole Bean








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2 reviews for Kentucky Wonder Bean Seeds: Flavorful and Hearty Pods

  1. Ben

    Very productive and delicious

  2. Jessica

    Love these! I picked beans every day all summer long from just a couple plants. Best if you pick them when the pods are still kinda flat before the beans fulls develope inside.

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