Gochugaru Pepper Seeds: Elevate Your Korean Cuisine

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Elevate your Korean dishes with our premium Gochugaru Pepper Seeds. Moderate heat, quick maturity, and adaptability make these seeds a must-have for every garden. Each packet contains at least 20 seeds.


Gochugaru Pepper Seeds

Unlock the secret to authentic Korean cuisine with our Gochugaru Pepper Seeds. Perfect for those who are serious about their love for Korean dishes like kimchi or gochujang. These high-quality seeds are designed to produce peppers with a uniquely smoky and sweet flavor profile, imbued with just the right amount of heat. Don’t settle for store-bought alternatives when you can cultivate your very own Gochugaru peppers right in your garden. Known for their versatility, these seeds grow plants that adapt well to various soil types and weather conditions, giving you an excellent chance of a successful harvest.


Measured at approximately 4,000 to 8,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU), Gochugaru peppers offer a moderate level of heat. They bring a nuanced, spicy kick to your dishes without overwhelming the palate.

Mature Height

Expect the Gochugaru pepper plants to reach a mature height of around 24 to 30 inches. The plant’s compact size makes it suitable for both large garden plots and smaller container gardens.

Day to Maturity

From the day of planting, it typically takes about 75 to 80 days for the Gochugaru pepper plants to reach full maturity. Patience will be rewarded with a plethora of richly flavored peppers.

Fruit Size

The Gochugaru peppers you’ll harvest will generally be about 4 to 5 inches long and 1 to 1.5 inches wide. They boast a thick flesh that is ideal for drying, grinding, or using fresh.

Fruit Color

As the peppers mature, they transition from a vibrant green to a deep red hue. This color shift not only adds aesthetic appeal to your garden but also signifies that the peppers have reached their peak flavor and are ready for harvest.


Our Gochugaru Pepper Seeds are the key to unlocking authentic Korean flavors in your home cooking. With moderate heat, a quick maturity period, and versatile usage, these seeds are perfect for gardeners of all levels looking for a unique culinary experience.


Capsicum annuum


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3 reviews for Gochugaru Pepper Seeds: Elevate Your Korean Cuisine

  1. Ava

    Fast growing plants and lots of peppers. Love them fresh in stir fry or ramen.

  2. Mia

    Glad I found these seeds. I’ve been wanting to make some Kimchi and heard that these are the right type for making the hot pepper flakes. Plants are full of peppers right now and just starting to ripen. Can’t wait to harvest!

  3. Tom

    Fast shipping. Excellent germination.

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