Orion Pepper Seeds: A Vibrant Italian Cross for Heat Seekers

Experience the visual and spicy wonders of the garden with Orion Pepper Seeds, a uniquely colorful cross from Italy. Each packet contains at least 15 seeds.


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All seeds were harvested this year and tested for germination.

Orion Pepper Seeds

Orion Pepper Seeds are more than just a way to grow peppers; they represent a journey through color and flavor. Hailing from the imaginative crossbreeding expertise of Rocco Maltesi in Italy, these seeds promise a pepper plant like no other. Originally named as the result of a vibrant three-way cross – Fatalli Gourment Jigsaw x Big Red Mama x Yaki Blue Fawn – Orion pepper plants boast a spectacular visual display. Their dark purple branches and veins in the foliage create a contrasting backdrop for the striking multicolor peppers. These peppers undergo a captivating color transformation, starting green, shifting to dark purple, transitioning to light brown, and finally settling on a molten red.

The peppers cultivated might sometimes present variations in colors and shapes due to the unknown filial generation, but rest assured, our seeds have consistently grown true, and we anticipate the same success for you. Due to their uniqueness and demand, Orion Pepper Seeds are highly sought after, making them a fast-selling item every season.


Boasting an impressive heat, Orion peppers have a Scoville rating that can reach up to a staggering 1,500,000 SHU.

Mature Height

Standing tall and proud, Orion pepper plants can easily achieve a mature height of 36 inches.

Day to Maturity

From planting your Orion Pepper Seeds, a 90-day growth journey unfolds, leading to the full maturity of the pepper plants.

Fruit Size

Each individual Orion pepper, when fully grown, measures approximately 2 inches in length.

Fruit Color

These unique peppers offer a palette of colors: starting dark purple, then tan, and finally a fiery red.


Orion Pepper Seeds, a distinctive cross from Italy, offer gardeners a stunning display of multicolored peppers on dark-leaved plants. With heat levels reaching 1.5 million SHU and a captivating sweet-tangy flavor, these peppers are both visually alluring and taste-tempting.

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Capsicum chinense


Up to 1,500,000








Orange, Purple, Red, Tan



1 review for Orion Pepper Seeds: A Vibrant Italian Cross for Heat Seekers

  1. Sam

    Very cool looking mostly purple plants and the color change of the peppers as they matured was very unique! Flavor was best when I waited until the peppers were the reddish color. Super hot!

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