Aleppo 37 Pepper Seeds: Discover Middle Eastern Flavors

Grow Aleppo 37 Pepper Seeds for a gardening experience that combines moderate heat, diverse culinary applications, and adaptability to various spaces. Each packet contains at least 15 seeds.


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All seeds were harvested this year and tested for germination.

Aleppo 37 Pepper Seeds

Embark on a gardening adventure with Aleppo 37 Pepper Seeds. These seeds offer an exciting foray into the world of Middle Eastern cuisine, a rare chile from the region of Northern Syria and Southern Turkey. Sometimes referred to as the Halaby pepper. This Aleppo variety is somewhat of a Pimento type. Known for their sweet well-balanced heat and remarkable versatility, Aleppo 37 Peppers serve both culinary and ornamental purposes, enhancing your garden and your table.


When it comes to heat, expect a moderate kick with Aleppo 37 Peppers. These peppers around 10,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU). This moderate spiciness ensures a heat level that’s accessible to most, while still offering a flavorful punch.

Mature Height

Aleppo 37 Pepper plants reach a manageable height of about 48 inches. This makes them perfectly suited for any gardening environment, be it a patio, a traditional garden bed, or a balcony.

Day to Maturity

These peppers take approximately 80 to 90 days from germination to full maturity. The wait is well worth it as the fruits bring an exotic flare and moderate heat to your recipes.

Fruit Size

When fully grown, Aleppo 37 Peppers typically measure about 2-3 inches in length and about 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter. Their elongated form and moderate size make them highly versatile for culinary uses like drying, flaking, or chopping for salsas and sauces. Most commonly used as a seasoning once dried and powdered.

Fruit Color

Watch in anticipation as your Aleppo 37 Peppers transform from a brilliant green to a vibrant red and a dark red the longer they grow. This color change not only provides visual appeal but also indicates when the peppers are ripe and ready for harvesting.


Aleppo 37 Pepper Seeds are perfect for gardeners aiming to cultivate a unique pepper variety known for its moderate heat and diverse culinary applications. The peppers adapt well to various garden sizes and are easy to grow.

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