Sunset Runner Beans Seeds: Vertical Garden Delight

Cultivate a vibrant garden display with Sunset Runner Beans Seeds; expect striking flowers and generous pods from these dual-purpose climbers. Each packet contains 15 seeds.


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All seeds were harvested this year and tested for germination.

Sunset Runner Bean Seeds

Sunset Runner Bean Seeds are your ticket to a garden filled with striking beauty and vigorous growth. These seeds, once sowed, yield twining vines that produce a lush backdrop of heart-shaped leaves, setting the stage for a stunning display of flowers followed by a plentiful harvest. Unlike conventional green beans, Sunset Runner Beans captivate with their ornamental and edible qualities, making them an ideal choice for gardeners who appreciate both aesthetics and functionality in their garden planning.


For best results, plant your Sunset Runner Bean Seeds after the last frost when the soil has warmed. Choose a sunny location and plant the seeds 1 inch deep and 2 inches apart in rows that are spaced 18 inches apart. These climbers will need a sturdy support, so consider trellises or a fence for them to ascend.

Mature Height

Expect your Sunset Runner Beans to reach for the skies. They boast a mature height of about 10 to 12 feet, creating towers of greenery and flowers. However, they can easily be maintained on a 6-8 foot trellis. Their climbing nature makes them not only a feast for the eyes but also a space-saving addition to any garden.

Day to Maturity

Patience rewards the gardener with Sunset Runner Beans, as they reach maturity in approximately 65 to 75 days. This window of time is your stepping stone to enjoying the full ornamental and culinary benefits these plants offer.

Pod Size

The pods of the Sunset Runner Bean are impressively sizable, usually reaching about 6 to 8 inches in length. This size makes them a substantial addition to your vegetable haul, promising a rewarding pick come harvest time.


The flowers are a soft pinkish-salmon color that give way to slightly fuzzy plump pods that will soon be filled with large beans. Left mature and dry on the vine, then shell the pods and harvest the inner beans that are mostly black with mottled with purple flecks. The distinctive color adds an unexpected twist to your typical green bean, inviting a burst of color to your plate.


Sunset Runner Bean Seeds germinate into a garden spectacle, with vines reaching up to 12 feet, producing colorful, sizable pods within 75 days, and doubling as both a decorative and edible plant.

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Phaseolus coccineus


Pole Bean








Black, Purple

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  1. Marie

    Definitely very productive and the flowers are pretty. I used them as dried bean because the pods are not good for eating.

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