Aji Charapita Pepper Seeds: Unleash the Exotic Flavors of Peru

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Aji Charapita Pepper Seeds – rare and highly sought-after from the Amazon rainforest in Peru, with an intensely fruity and citrusy flavor and a fiery heat level. Each packet contains at least 15 seeds.


Aji Charapita Pepper Seeds

You’ve come to the right place to experience the unique and exotic flavor of Aji Charapita Pepper Seeds. This rare and coveted Peruvian pepper variety is known for its tiny, round, orange fruits and remarkable taste. These seeds are perfect for home gardeners and culinary enthusiasts who want to spice up their dishes with a touch of Peruvian flair. The Aji Charapita pepper is often called the “mother of all peppers” in Peru, and for good reason – the complex fruity and spicy flavors of this pepper are unparalleled.


The Aji Charapita pepper packs a punch, measuring between 30,000 and 50,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU). This level of heat places it somewhere between a jalapeño and a cayenne pepper on the Scoville scale. This means you’ll get a fiery kick to your dishes without being overwhelmed by extreme heat.

Mature Height

Your Aji Charapita pepper plants will typically reach a mature height of 2 to 3 feet, making them suitable for both outdoor gardens and indoor container gardening. They have a bushy, compact growth habit, which allows them to be grown in smaller spaces without sacrificing yield.

Days to Maturity

The journey from Aji Charapita Pepper Seeds to fully ripe, ready-to-harvest fruits usually takes about 90 to 100 days. You’ll be able to enjoy these fiery, yet fruity peppers in no time, adding a new dimension to your culinary creations.

Fruit Size

Don’t let the small size of Aji Charapita peppers fool you – they pack a powerful punch. These tiny, round fruits typically measure about 0.25 inch in diameter, making them perfect for adding an unexpected burst of flavor to your dishes. Despite their petite size, they still yield a generous amount of fruit per plant, ensuring you have plenty to enjoy throughout the growing season.

Fruit Color

The Aji Charapita pepper has a vibrant and attractive fruit color, which transitions from green to a bright, golden yellow as they ripen. This eye-catching hue adds visual appeal to your garden, and the peppers make a beautiful garnish for any dish. The bright yellow color is also an indicator of the pepper’s fruity and fiery flavor profile, making it a standout ingredient in your culinary adventures.


The Aji Charapita Pepper is a unique and exotic pepper variety that offers a complex fruity and spicy flavor. With a heat level ranging from 30,000 to 50,000 Scoville Heat Units, it delivers a fiery kick without being overpowering. Its small size, vibrant color, and compact growth habit make it a perfect addition to any home garden or indoor container garden. With a journey from seed to fully ripe fruit taking around 90 to 100 days, you’ll soon be able to enjoy the delicious flavor and attractive appearance of this pepper in your culinary creations. Add some Peruvian flair to your dishes with Aji Charapita Pepper seeds today.


Capsicum chinense


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  1. Ethan

    Wow, just picked some of these little fireballs. That heat hits immediately, first bite scared me a bit. Great flavor but a bit cumbersome to harvest.

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