Gold Nugget Tomato Seeds: Quick to Mature, Lasting Taste

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Brighten your garden and your plate with our Gold Nugget Tomato Seeds. Grow robust plants that mature at 3 feet and produce radiant, gold-colored tomatoes in just 55-65 days. Each packet contains at least 25 seeds.


Gold Nugget Tomato Seeds

Elevate your gardening game with our Gold Nugget Tomato Seeds. These exceptional seeds grow into robust plants that produce striking, gold-colored tomatoes. The tomatoes not only captivate the eyes but also delight the palate with their sweet, citrus-like flavor. Ideal for snacking, salads, and garnishes, these tomatoes are a versatile addition to both your garden and your kitchen.

Mature Height

Expect the Gold Nugget Tomato plants to reach a mature height of about 36″. These determinate plants are well-suited for small spaces and container gardening, making them versatile for both urban and suburban gardeners. Proper staking or caging will help the plant maintain its structure and health.

Day to Maturity

Gold Nugget Tomato Seeds have a fairly quick day to maturity range, falling between 55 to 65 days. This allows for an early harvest, enabling you to enjoy the fruits of your labor sooner than many other tomato varieties. The quick maturity also offers the possibility for multiple harvests within a single growing season. Since these plants are determinate, you will get large numbers of tomatoes that mature at the same time.

Fruit Size

The fruits produced by Gold Nugget Tomato plants are on the smaller side, usually measuring around 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter. Despite their modest size, these cherry-type tomatoes offer an intense burst of flavor, making them a popular choice for various culinary uses.

Fruit Color

The Gold Nugget Tomato is true to its name, featuring a radiant gold color that almost glows when ripened. This vibrant hue not only makes your garden more visually appealing but also adds a colorful twist to your meals and recipes.


Gold Nugget Tomato Seeds yield plants that grow to a mature height of 3 feet. These plants produce small but flavor-packed tomatoes that mature in 55-65 days and feature a striking gold color.


Solanum lycopersicum 'Gold Nugget'










Orange, Yellow



1 review for Gold Nugget Tomato Seeds: Quick to Mature, Lasting Taste

  1. Elizabeth

    these plants produced good for a long time. good flavor, great in salads. plants got about three feet tall.

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