Chervena Chushka Pepper Seeds: Grow Tasty, Sweet Peppers

Chervena Chushka Pepper seeds produce sweet, thick-walled peppers that are easy to grow and perfect for roasting and stuffing. Each packet contains at least 20 seeds.


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All seeds were harvested this year and tested for germination.

Chervena Chushka Pepper Seeds

Expect robust plants when growing these Chervena Chushka pepper seeds. This Bulgarian heirloom pepper is one of the sweetest we’ve grown and it’s earned a place in our yearly garden. Chervena Chushka, aka Chervena Chujski, is traditionally used for roasting but also delicious eaten raw.

Mature Height

Chervena Chushka are very productive even in cooler northern climates with a short growing season, only reaching about 24″ tall. This makes them a suitable choice for small gardens or even container gardening on patios and balconies. The compact size of these plants ensures that they won’t take up too much space while still producing an impressive crop of tasty peppers.

Day to Maturity

Chervena Chushka Pepper Seeds have a relatively short day to maturity, with most plants ready for harvest within 70-80 days after transplanting. This quick turnaround makes these peppers an excellent option for those looking to enjoy the fruits of their labor in a shorter amount of time. Gardeners can also take advantage of multiple harvests throughout the growing season, allowing them to enjoy Chervena Chushka peppers all summer long.

Fruit Size

The fruit size of Chervena Chushka peppers is another standout feature. Fruits are somewhat triangular shaped, typically 4-6 inches in length and 2 inches in width. They are a generous size for stuffing, slicing, or dicing. The thick-walled, meaty texture of these peppers makes them ideal for a wide range of culinary applications, from salads to stir-fries.

Fruit Color

Chervena Chushka pepper seeds produce vibrant red fruits that are not only visually appealing but also bursting with flavor. The bright red color of these peppers is an indication of their ripeness and sweetness, making them a favorite among gardeners and chefs alike. The eye-catching hue adds a pop of color to any garden or dish, making Chervena Chushka peppers a must-have addition to your seed collection.


In conclusion, Chervena Chushka Pepper Seeds are an exceptional choice for any gardener looking to grow mild, sweet peppers that are both visually appealing and versatile in the kitchen. With a low SHU rating, mature height of 24-30 inches, quick day to maturity, generous fruit size, and stunning red color, these peppers are perfect for a wide range of garden sizes and culinary applications. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grow your own Chervena Chushka peppers and experience their remarkable flavor and beauty for yourself.

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