Red Garnet Amaranth Seeds: Experience Vivid Garden Colors

Elevate your garden’s beauty with Red Garnet Amaranth Seeds. Grows up to 3-5 feet and matures in 90-110 days. Vibrant, red flowers complement dark, burgundy foliage. Each packet contains 1 gram (500+ seeds).


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All seeds were harvested this year and tested for germination.

Red Garnet Amaranth Seeds

Discover the beauty and functionality of Red Garnet Amaranth Seeds, the perfect addition to your garden. These vibrant seeds grow into stunning, dark burgundy foliage that elevates the aesthetics of your outdoor space while also providing a hardy, low-maintenance option for gardeners. With its visually striking leaves and flowers, this amaranth variety captivates the eye and creates a dramatic focal point in your garden layout.

Mature Height

When fully grown, the Red Garnet Amaranth plants reach a mature height of approximately 3-6 feet. This towering presence not only makes a grand visual statement but also allows for efficient space utilization, making it a suitable choice for gardens of various sizes.

Day to Maturity

Expect to witness the full glory of your Red Garnet Amaranth within 90-110 days from sowing. The plant’s fairly quick growth rate ensures that you don’t have to wait long to enjoy its mesmerizing colors and unique texture in your garden.

Fruit Size

Though primarily grown for its foliage and flowers, Red Garnet Amaranth does produce 1000’s of edible grain seeds. These seeds are small, about 1-1.5 mm in diameter, and can be harvested when the plant reaches maturity.

Flower Color

The flowers of the Red Garnet Amaranth are as stunning as its leaves. Expect a deep, ruby-red hue that transitions into a slightly lighter shade as the flowers age. These rich, pigmented flowers offer a captivating contrast to the dark leaves, making the plant a visually appealing component in any garden.


Red Garnet Amaranth Seeds give rise to towering plants with dark, burgundy foliage and vibrant, red flowers. Ideal for gardens of all sizes, this amaranth variety matures within 90-110 days and reaches a height of 3-6 feet. The plant’s unique color scheme and moderate growth requirements make it a versatile and stunning choice for any garden.

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Amaranthus cruentus




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  1. Micheal

    These were a nice addition to my garden, the burgundy color is real eye catcher. Seeds weren’t too difficult to collect and got quite a bit from each of the flower heads.

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