Thunder Mountain Longhorn Pepper Seeds: Grow Spicy Drama

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Grow unique, moderately spicy Thunder Mountain Longhorn Peppers that stand out in any garden setting. Perfect for culinary and unique addition to any garden. Each packet contains at least 15 seeds.


Thunder Mountain Longhorn Pepper Seeds

Unveil the vibrant spectacle of your garden with our Thunder Mountain Longhorn Pepper Seeds. Perfect for pepper enthusiasts and gardeners alike, these seeds grow into plants that offer long, curly, and fiery peppers. If you’ve been searching for a unique variety that stands out both in flavor and appearance, look no further. With its captivating shape and dynamic taste, Thunder Mountain Longhorn Peppers bring a wave of excitement to any dish or decorative arrangement. These peppers are traditionally dried and smoked in the Leigongshan Mountains of China where they originated. You may here these peppers referred to as “Guizhou”.


Kick up the heat a notch! Thunder Mountain Longhorn Peppers range from 20,000 to 40,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU). That places them as medium on the heat scale, suitable for those who enjoy a spicy kick without overwhelming the palate. Similar heat level to that of a typical Cayenne pepper with a better taste.

Mature Height

Expect these exceptional plants to reach a mature height of 24 to 36 inches. The perfect size for both container gardening and traditional garden beds, these plants offer flexibility in terms of where you can grow them. Cultivate them in your yard, on your balcony, or even inside with adequate light.

Day to Maturity

Patience pays off when growing Thunder Mountain Longhorn Peppers. Allow approximately 80 to 85 days from germination to maturity for the peppers to reach their full potential. Time invested yields an impressive harvest, rewarding you with peppers that are excellent for cooking, grilling, and even drying.

Fruit Size

When fully grown, you’ll enjoy peppers that average about 12 inches in length and about 0.375 inch in diameter at the widest point. Their elongated, curved shape makes them particularly eye-catching, whether you’re showcasing them in your garden or on your plate. I love the curly shape and the way they appear to be dripping off the plant.

Fruit Color

As they mature, Thunder Mountain Longhorn Peppers transition through a dazzling color spectrum. They begin as a vivid green, gradually turning into a bright red as they ripen. The vibrant colors serve as a visual indicator of ripeness, making it easy to know when they are ready for harvesting. These peppers can be used green or red, however the flavor sweetens and the heat level increases as they mature to red.


Thunder Mountain Longhorn Pepper Seeds are the go-to choice for gardeners seeking moderately spicy peppers that boast a unique shape and vibrant colors. These versatile plants are perfect for container gardening, traditional beds, or even indoor growing. With a heat level ranging from 20,000 to 40,000 SHU, they are ideal for culinary or decorative use.


Capsicum annuum










Green, Red



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  1. Amelia

    At least 90% of my seeds germinated and are doing great. Can’t wait to plant them in my garden. Thanks much!

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