El Rito Pepper Seeds: The Perfect Balance of Heat and Flavor

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Add some spice to your garden with El Rito Pepper Seeds. These rare heirloom peppers from New Mexico are known for their mild heat and smoky flavor. Each packet contains at least 20 seeds.


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El Rito Pepper Seeds

El Rito Pepper Seeds are a rare heirloom variety of hot peppers that originated from the town of El Rito in New Mexico. These peppers are known for their intense heat and smoky flavor, making them perfect for adding a spicy kick to your favorite dishes. With a moderate heat level and a vibrant color, El Rito peppers are perfect for adding a touch of spice to your meals, while also providing a striking visual impact in your garden.


The Scoville Heat Units (SHU) of the El Rito pepper is about 1,500. This means that these peppers have a mild heat level, making them suitable for a wide range of dishes. They provide a pleasant kick without being overpowering, making them a great option for those who appreciate a balance of heat and flavor in their peppers.

Mature Height

El Rito pepper plants can reach a mature height of 24 to 36 inches. This makes them a great addition to your garden, as they do not take up too much space and can be easily incorporated into a variety of garden layouts. Whether you’re growing them in containers, raised beds, or directly in the ground, these peppers will thrive and reward you with an abundance of delicious fruits.

Day to Maturity

El Rito Pepper Seeds have a day-to-maturity range of 70 to 75 days from transplanting. This allows you to enjoy the fruits of your labor relatively quickly, especially when compared to other pepper varieties that can take longer to reach maturity. The shorter maturation period makes these peppers a great option for those with shorter growing seasons or who are simply eager to harvest their homegrown peppers sooner.

Fruit Size

The fruits produced by El Rito pepper plants are typically 3 to 4 inches in length and approximately 1 inch in diameter. Their size makes them versatile for use in various dishes, from stuffing with cheese or other ingredients to dicing and adding to salsas, salads, or stir-fries. The generous size of these peppers also ensures that you’ll have plenty to enjoy throughout the growing season.

Fruit Color

El Rito peppers are known for their attractive and eye-catching fruit color. As they mature, they transition from a bright green color to a rich, deep red. This color change not only signals that the peppers are ready to harvest but also adds visual appeal to your garden. The striking red hue of the mature peppers makes them a standout addition to any dish, adding both flavor and color to your culinary creations.


In conclusion, El Rito Pepper Seeds are an excellent choice for gardeners who want to grow a moderately spicy, versatile pepper with an attractive appearance. With a heat level of 5,000 to 7,000 SHU, a mature height of 24 to 36 inches, and a day-to-maturity range of 70 to 75 days, these peppers are perfect for adding flavor and visual interest to your garden and kitchen. The 3 to 4-inch fruits transition from green to deep red as they mature, providing both culinary and ornamental appeal. Choose El Rito Pepper Seeds for your next gardening adventure, and enjoy the satisfaction of growing your own delicious peppers.


Capsicum annuum


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