Yatsufusa Pepper Seeds: A Fiery Journey from Green to Red

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Dive into the world of spicy cultivation with Yatsufusa Pepper Seeds, a gem in the Capsicum annuum family. Each packet contains at least 15 seeds.


Yatsufusa Pepper Seeds

Meet the remarkable Yatsufusa Pepper Seeds, an essential addition to any gardener’s repertoire who craves a mix of heat and authentic Asian flavor in their homegrown produce. The Yatsufusa Pepper, falling under the Capsicum annuum umbrella, has roots in Japan, where it’s cherished for its specific spicy punch and culinary versatility. This pepper type is not only a favorite among chefs and home cooks but also is loved by gardeners for its straightforward growing process and the fiery rewards it offers.


A testament to its heat, the Yatsufusa Pepper can impressively rise to a Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) measurement of up to 75,000. To put it in perspective, that’s a spiciness level that challenges many common peppers and guarantees a bold taste every time.

Mature Height

Yatsufusa Pepper plants have a poised presence in any garden, reaching a respectable height of 24 inches when fully grown. This adaptable size makes them perfect for various garden settings, from spacious outdoor beds to compact indoor pots.

Day to Maturity

From the day you plant your Yatsufusa Pepper Seeds, a relatively swift 80-day journey to full maturity awaits. In just under three months, with the right care, you’ll witness the transformation from tiny sprouts to flourishing pepper plants.

Fruit Size

Yatsufusa peppers, when ready for harvest, showcase a consistent fruit size of about 2 inches in length. Their moderate size ensures they’re manageable for culinary endeavors, from slicing for stir-fries to drying for spices.

Fruit Color

Starting their journey in a fresh green hue, Yatsufusa peppers, upon maturity, take on a vibrant red shade. This color transition is not only an indicator of ripeness but also adds a burst of color to your garden.


Yatsufusa Pepper Seeds introduce gardeners to the art of cultivating a fiery yet flavorful Capsicum annuum variety. In just 80 days, expect 24-inch plants bearing 2-inch peppers that shift from green to a rich red.


Capsicum annuum


Up to 75,000








Green, Red




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